Why choose Professional Pest Control Services?

Experiencing heavy pest infestation around your property can make you suffer from serious health-related issues. However, pests like rats, mice, ants, termites, spiders, and so on. Every one of these creepy crawlers has its ways of causing damage and dangerous infections.

Moreover, many pests can live alongside human beings and once they turn into numbers it becomes tough to remove them.

Many individuals choose DIY methods and want to manage pest infestation on their own. Making utilization of such techniques may assist you in saving expenses but you will notice that controlling them only requires professional pest treatment.

Moreover, the professional pest control Adelaide services will offer you productive results. The following factors will clear everything regarding choosing professional facilities:

  1.   The expert will inspect your property thoroughly to discover which sort of pest has infected your home. For example, if there is a rat infestation then a professional will follow the techniques designed specifically for such a scenario. 
  1.   Most importantly, the utilization of advanced machinery and chemicals help in eliminating pest infestation. Also, few products can cause danger to human health and requires thorough knowledge for utilizing it.
  1.   The process of professional pest treatment assists in finding the signs behind pest infestation. However, once everything is complete then only a method is selected for controlling a pest. It is a significant step for preventing pest recurrence.
  2.   This is clear to state that skilled pest control offers best-in-class outcomes. Moreover, they cost a little bit expensive but once you see the advantages you won’t regret choosing professional pest control services from Adelaide. Your property will become pest-free making you reside in calming surroundings. Also, the price of your space will increase and can offer you better returns if are planning to sell it.


This is true to say that preventing pest infestation requires professional pest treatment. However, choosing the right firm will only offer your effective results. You must check the working experience, track records of proven results, client reviews for attaining quality services.

Moreover, a reliable and professional pest control company pursues pest treatment by following safety measures for removing pests from their origin.

The utilization of advanced methods that do not leave any sign of pest recurrence ensures better results. In case you experience certain pest issues than book an appointment and the pest controller will arrive at your place as per your time preference.

Also, you won’t regret choosing their services as they work dedicatedly to offer you desired results.

There is nothing to worry about regarding the sprays and tools they utilize as they are highly experienced and fully trained. A professional knows how to work correctly without causing any damage to humans, pets, and surroundings. 

The process of fumigation for pest control has become very effective. This latest technique can easily suffocate and kill insects that are not in our reach. Pest control organisations have seen the best outcomes of this technique by eliminating thousands of pests that we were never aware of hiding inside our house.

This process of fumigation fills the entire area with gases that stifle the pests and make them leave their shelters. Fumigation can be used anywhere whether a commercial property owner wants to fumigate their premises to kill the hidden pest infestation or other areas including hospitals, schools, shopping malls, restaurants and offices need it. This effective fumigation pest control service will easily remove the suspected pest infestation.

Real Pest Control Service
Real Pest Control Service

Here are The Benefits of Fumigation

  • Fumigation is an excellent choice for pest control and when conducted by a qualified expert, it is perfectly reliable and efficient. It is a great alternative for both domestic and industrial buildings confronting pest problems.
  • The fumigation method has many benefits as it effectively and deeply reaches to the pests that never come out from their hidden places. And get killed on the spot as they get in contact with the non-toxic gases.
  • Fumigation also helps in killing insects that deteriorate the crops by affecting agriculture.
  • It is a process that does not take a long time and terminate while consuming less time.
  • Fumigation process effectively exterminates pests including termites, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs and gnats.
  • This method is completely safe to the environment and only intended to suffocate pests that live inside your home without your foreknowledge.
  • Fumigation is a quick process to control pest infestations.
  • Fumigants have the benefits of reaching the areas where the sprays, powder, aerosols etc cannot reach. 
  • Fumigation treatment has become really imperative to many commercial areas such as hospitals, schools, shopping malls, restaurants and offices.

Why Choose Us?

We at Real Pest Control gives you many reasons to hire us. We are working in this industry for decades and have given our most effective fumigation services and Cheap Pest Control Services in Sydney. Our professionals use up-to-date tools for pest control services. The solutions and procedures that we follow to treat pests are completely safe to the environment.

We are offering many affordable services which you can get to know by contacting us. We also provide same day pest control services. You can also call us for help at weekends too. To book your appointments call us right now and avail the best offers.

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It doesn’t matter if you have bedbugs or fleas to deal with both of them can prove themselves to be a lot more annoying than one can anticipate. So, before going crazy about how to get rid of these pests and insects? It’s always essential to know the difference between these two monsters that you’re dealing with. Precautions and amends are necessary to be taken. Knowing the difference between them is vital because both of them require a completely different level of treatment to push them out of a Human’s daily routine.


How to Know The Basic Difference Between Bedbugs and Fleas?

  • Since both of them belong to the niche of parasite and need an organism with warm blood to dwell upon i.e. Animal/Human Blood etc.  
  • Fleas appreciate animals that have a furry torso or have a body completely covered with hairs like Cats and Dogs. On the Contrary, Bed Bugs find the Human Blood more attractive and lurking.
  • Up till now, there is a very good chance that if you have any Furry Pet in the house who often likes to give a visit to the outdoor parks and play areas including other wild animals, they are very likely to bring fleas into the homes where they live.
  • While Bed Bugs are brought in the houses by the humans themselves.
  • Fleas can survive for a long time without having themselves clinging to a host by putting them in a pupa, while Adult fleas can only live for not more than 15 days without a pupa.
  • Adult Bed bugs are however able to survive for about a year without having a snack in every once in a while. 
  • Bed bugs don’t do not jump, they like to crawl in peace towards their food while fleas can jump or fly for about 250x their body length varying from 15 – 18 inches. Ultimately it aids them to hitchhike from one snacking point to the other with quite an ease.
  • Bed bugs don’t usually spread diseases but fleas are found notorious for spreading animal-oriented diseased like Cat-Scratch Fever and plague.

How to Tell Bed Bugs and Fleas Apart?

Bed Bugs and Fleas
  • Fleas are reddish-brown and are oval-shaped being skinny and long as compared to Bed Bug. While the latter ones are also reddish-brown but are flat and seed shape.
  • Fleas range from 1 mm to 5 mm and Bed bugs range from 1.5 mm to 3mm. 
  • Both Fleas and Bed Bugs are nocturnal which means they like to go on a snack hunt mostly when it’s dark. So it’s better to call any crawling pest control.
  • Bedbugs are generally found on the sides of the bed mattress or bed sheets while Fleas like to stay within Animal Fur or on the carpets were animals generally stay to have a nap, waiting for them to have a hop-on them and have a quick snack or a bite.

How to Tell The Difference of The Bites of Both?

  • Bed Bug’s bites are raised and flat red due to reactions from the chemicals (Anticoagulants and Anesthesia) from its saliva.
  • The bite of a flea looks more like a mosquito bite. Having a red-colored center like a puncture bite made by the flea’s mouth from where it enables itself to suck blood.
  • A Flea bite becomes swollen in no time and starts to itch on the spot, while the Bedbugs bite can take a couple of days to show up until the anesthesia wears off.
  • A Bed bug goes for blood hunt every few days varying from 7- 10 days in while on the other hand Fleas are not very shy and don’t bother to have multiple feeds in a single day for each feed can last for several hours.  

Book Our Company Professionals for Carpet Cleaning Services!

We at Real Pest Control provide our clients with exclusive pest removal services and try our best to relieve them with our professional and Affordable Pest Control Services in Brisbane. We use quality pest exterminators and eco-friendly products. We have hired experienced, skilled and certified Bug and Flea bed bug control staff, who provide these facilities proficiently, maintaining the hygiene. If you’re tired of these Bugs and Flea problems, just give a call and leave the rest to us for Flea Control and sit back.

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Be it a wardrobe or pantry, clothes moth can be easily found in most of the homes. Their main target areas involve food storage containers or areas where woolen and fur clothes are in abundance. The most common symptoms of moth infestation are- holes in apparels, dusty appearance on rarely used garments and screens, spongy web-like layers on grills, racks, stinky clothes racks, etc. Once you are pretty sure of the infestation, the first thing that you want to do is get rid of the same as early as possible. 

Moth Control Service
Moth Control Service

Here We have Mentioned Some Natural Ways to Deal With the Problem Without the Use of Smelly Mothballs or Other Toxic Products. Have a Look-


Prepare small sachets filled with dried lavender. You can also make use of lavender essential oil and dip some cotton balls in the same. These balls or sachets can then be placed in drawers, closets, and boxes where off-season clothes are kept. Although the smell of lavender might seem tempting to you, for moths and other insects, it’s highly repellant.


Just like in the case of lavender, small sachets filled with dried peppermint must be prepared. You can also use loose leaves or cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil. Loose leaves can be easily kept among your clothes. Tucking the balls in your closet corners works equally fine as well. Not just moths, mint is also effective in keeping rodents away.


Cedarwood has been in use to repel moths since long. The best way is to go for cedar lined closet that will keep moths at bay. If you aren’t lucky enough to find one, cedar chips or blocks bought from the store can be used for the same. Keep them at places where it’s mostly required and you are good to go. Cedar rings that can be fitted over hangers or drawer liners are some other cedar things that can be used for the purpose.

Cloves, Thyme and Rosemary

These three herbs can be used individually packed in sachets or combined for effective Local Pest Control in Brisbane. Although the smell of these herbs is liked by humans, moths hate it. It is also recommended to replace the sachet contents every six months to retain the fragrance. You can easily find all these herbs at any food store nearby. Make sure to keep these sachets, out of reach of pets and kids, however.

Expert Moth Control
Expert Moth Control

Clothing Storage

While these tips are enough to get rid of moths, you must also take care of how you store your clothes.

Here are a Few Tips in This Regard-

  • All the clothes must be washed and dried properly before you pack them once the season ends. This helps eliminate any larvae that might be present in your clothes. Ironing also helps, especially cotton garments.
  • In case of moth infestation, call Real Pest Control and talk to one of the experts to get rid of moths. 
  • Sealed containers must be used to store clothes- plastic storage, chests suitcases where moths can’t easily reach. Wool coats and suits must be zipped in garment bags. If there are wool socks lying in your sock drawer, make sure to remove the same once the season has ended.
  • Moths are attracted towards the dirt. Therefore, it’s necessary to carry out a regular cleaning mechanism using a powerful vacuum cleaner. If you are suspicious of moth larvae on your clothes, keep them in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any active larvae.

Moth Control isn’t rocket science. A little bit of preparation always goes a long way.

Yes, finding mice in your ceiling is a common issue. Many house owners witnessed the same problem. Mice and rats live in the ceiling. Their existence can be identified by hearing their scurrying noise around at night.

They can very well conceal them inside the walls and the ceiling. They can dwell inside buildings in small cracks and gaps in the wall for a long time. Keep an eye on them. If you can hear the mice noise at night coming from the high up in the ceiling then it is nothing but a Roof Rat. They are also known as black rats.

Rat Control
Rat Control

Be Careful to Identify The Mice in Ceiling

The best way to detect your home past problem is to hire a Local Pest Control in Brisbane services. They are the qualified person to identify the pest menace. They start their pest control program with the pest inspection program. After knowing about the existence of the pest infestation they deal with the pest issue accordingly.

You as a homemaker should not try the chemical and toxin methods to remove the pest from your premises.

Rather We Suggest a Few Safety Tips Which You Can Follow to Identify The Pest Issue

Mice Droppings:

Keep on watching the rat droppings in ceiling tiles. Definitely, it has a rat infestation if you find mouse droppings over there. Take the matter seriously. Rodent and rats love to live in soiled areas. So keep your premises and roof thoroughly cleaned. While cleaning the rat’s droppings wear a mask and glove. This is for your protection against the deadly Hantavirus existing in their poops.

Crack or Gap On The Wall:

However, the presence of rat dropping is also evidence of a crack or gap in your home. All the gap and holes in the wall should be repaired and sealed very well with cement to prevent the rats and rodents entry.

The Scratching Sound:

Always keep your ear open to observe the scratching sound or mice rats and rodent. It has been seen that they are more active during the time of sunrise and sunset. The usual locations where you can expect such sound include attics, basements, and kitchens.

A Hole On The Floor:

If mice are living on the ceiling and walls of the home they definitely have chewed through the drywall and the floor. You can make out holes in the floor and wall with smooth edges.

Local Pest Control Services
Local Pest Control Services

Employ Us for Safe and Affordable Real Pest Control Services

We Real Pest Control are the best pest control service provider starts our Rodent Pest Control Services with inspecting outside your home. We identify all the holes and cracks in the building. As per the level of infestation, we begin our pest control program. Real Pest Control can assure you a pest-free home for sure in a very short time. Call us today and avail our professional Rat control services to get rid of the Roof rat menace.

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Wish You a Safe and Healthy Pest Free Home….!!!

There are more than 10,000 species of spiders that inhabit our houses and become permanent members. Spiders enter inside our houses generally in search of prey through open windows or in boxes from outside.

Shape and sizes of each spider vary, some live in burrows while some are web hanging. All the spiders are predators and feed on the others and it creates a problem if spiders’ infestation is triggered in the house. That’s when we come into the picture. Real Pest Control is a leading pest control company in Melbourne. Along with providing reliable spider control, we also deal with ants’ pest control, rodents’ pest control, fleas’ pest control and silverfish pest control.

Know Spiders Closely

  • These are eight-legged, easily recognizable and are found hanging in their webs, to a surface, wall or may be in the dark and the damp places.
  • These have unsightly webs and can collect dust and debris.
  • Spiders cause panic and alarm, particularly around the children. Some of them have very little effect while some of them are very dangerous and cause an exceptional reaction due to their venom.
  • They have a high reproduction rate and evoke more psychological damage than physical.
  • Their presence in the house gives visitors the impression that the space is not clean.

Are you too facing their infestation problem, then go through the below-mentioned signs of their presence and call the professional services of the real pest control.

Giant House Spiders / Cellar Spiders / European Garden Spiders (Spider Control Melbourne)

Giant House Spiders / Cellar Spiders / European Garden Spiders (Spider Control)

How to Identify Spider Infestation at Your Place?

  • Presence of webs is their major indication. The webs can be of different shapes according to the species.
  • Check the damp and dark places of your houses.
  • Insects and other spiders become their prey, so these will mostly be present at these places.
  • You may also check for the presence of their eggs, these are milky white in colour and found in fixed indoors.

DIY Spider Control Tips

Follow the following tips to avoid any spider infestation in your house:

  • Do regular vacuuming of the house especially below the beds, below the worktops, behind the cupboards and large furniture.
  • Clean the webs regularly to avoid any bulk build up.
  • Remove the sheltering sites, if any, like garden bags, compost piles and clutters.
  • You can also use a handheld It quickly delivers a shock of electricity and kills the spiders in one contact. A bug vacuum simply catches the spiders and you can release it in open if you do not want to kill it.
  • Maintain hygiene and take care of the sanitation procedures of the house as these tips will always keep these pests away from your home.

Benefits of Spider Treatment

Presence of spiders is an indication of dirt and unevenness in the house. Our professional spider removal methods would help you in the following ways:

  • Professional treatment of the spiders will prevent any infestations to return back.
  • Spider elimination from the house prevents you from being bitten by them as some of the species are very dangerous.
  • The treatment will leave your house clean, tidy and disease free.

False Widow Spiders / Harvestman / Wolf Spiders (Spider Control)

False Widow Spiders / Harvestman / Wolf Spiders (Spider Control)

Our Spider Control Process

Spiders avoid human contact and thus, it is difficult to uncover their source of the infestation. But the skilled pest control experts of the Real Pest Control will help you out in treating the infestation in the following way:

  • Inspection

    Our pest control experts will search for the primary location of spiders, the point where they are residing and the places they are breeding in your house. After doing the full inspection of the house, they will advise you about the best treatments that you should have to control these pests.

  • Mechanical Treatments

    Our local, certified and licensed pest control experts will help you out by removing the existing webs from various places inside the house. Vacuuming the baseboards, surfaces below the beds and the areas where they harbour their eggs. The treatment lasts for only a stipulated period of time.

  • Sanitation

    In this process, we help our clients in identifying the areas that are rich in moisture and spider food. Advising our clients on the matters of eliminating and reducing these pests from the house is also a part of our treatment process because we believe in our customer’s mental satisfaction.

  • Exclusion

    In this process, we seal the entrance of the spiders; next, we examine the crawl space and provide the necessary treatment. The treatment will be according to the infestation of the house. We have four approaches to the treatment:

  • Spraying

    We do this with the help of sprayers and is a direct method of getting rid of these pests. We use safe and odour-free chemicals that don’t leave any residue after drying.

  • Dusting

    We apply the dust with the help of hand dusters to the places where these pests are active the most.

  • Repellent

    The repellents give a long lasting result and do a great job of stopping the spiders. These repellents also kill the spiders that are in contact with the web.

  • Trapping/Zapping

    We advise this process where the above methods are not useful, like doors and the garages etc.

Why Should You Hire Real Pest Control?

With our services, you will be assured of complete pest protection. You should hire our services because:

  • We only use specific products for specific species so as to ensure their complete removal.
  • Our solutions used for treatment are customized based on the specificity of your homes.
  • We government approved safe and reliable methods.
  • Our technicians are trained, skilled and will reassure you with the quality of our service.
  • Our control solutions will ensure complete removal of your pest problems.

We advise removing the individuals and pets from the house during the treatment for safety purposes. On drying the risk of being exposed to the lingering pesticide is removed and the place can be used as before.

For further help and for efficient Spider Control Services, call Real Pest Control Services now!

There is never one mouse in your home. If you see a mouse running around, it means eventually you will find his whole family. Rodents are generally found in basements, holes in the walls or in store rooms.

You can take care of the rats and mice yourself but sometimes when it gets out of control, it is better to contact the rodent control services. The professionals have extensive knowledge and tools which work efficiently and make sure that your house is rodent free. They can even give you recommendations and suggestions of how you can avoid the breeding of rodents in your house and get rid of them.

If you are not taking correct preparation, it might make your treatment unsafe and can cause Rodent Infestation of the entire house. Technicians tend to skip the areas which are not prepared specifically.

Rodent Control Services
Rodent Control Services

Here are a Few Preparations you Can Make Before Calling The Rodent Control Services.

1. All the food items which are not canned or jarred must be safely stored in refrigerator or heavy plastic containers while the professionals of rodent control services are working at your house as well as atleasts 2 weeks after that. These food items can be anything like chips, candies, nuts, cereals, bread, pet foods, etc. Rodents easily can chew through the bags of these foods.

2. If you have any hole in the wall or around baseboards or doors which do not close properly should be repaired before the Rodent Control Services. If you are staying in an apartment you can ask your management to repair those. Mice can enter through gaps which are as narrow as 1/4 inch in diameter.

3. Clean the top of the refrigerator as well as the bottom of the kitchen sink, so that the Rodent Control Services have access to these places.

4. You need to mark the areas where you have seen a mouse so that you can discuss it when the technicians arrive and give them an idea.

5. The technicians usually spread different kinds of baits or traps all over the house to catch the rodents. Do not disturb those during or after the session.

6. To keep the spread of rodents in check, make sure to control, clean, sweep and vacuum your house regularly. Whatever trash you are gathering in a day, put them out on regular basis, keep the lids of the trash cans always covered and keep your surrounding areas as clean as possible.

7. Declutter any unnecessary storage like boxes, paper or clothing, because that’s where rodents build their shelter, gather the old items to build their nest and breed everywhere. In order to achieve full control over rodents, it is important that the mice are attracted to the traps or baits. If you follow the steps correctly, the Pest Control Services can work efficiently to make your home rodent-free. You can trust and choose us for rodent control and removal and hire our professionals who have been in this field for long now.

Rodent Infestation
Rodent Infestation

Get Details Knowledge in PDF – Important Prep Steps For Rodent Control Services

There are many pests which occur in our house especially the fleas. These pests are so vulnerable; Thus, cause serious health issues and also affect the clean environment of the home. There is need to remove the fleas; which is only possible if we opt for some preventive measures to control them. Thus, for this there are various measures which one can adapt to control the fleas.

These methods are cheap and has a quick effect on the pests. Therefore, there is a need to know about these methods in detail. So given below are some of the ways which one can apply to prevent fleas. For the ones who want complete removal of fleas   then can opt for Flea Pest Control service provided by Real Pest Control.

Flea Pest Control
Flea Pest Control

Here are the Preventive Measures for Flea Control

  • Make your Pet Bath Daily – The pets of our homes need to be cleaned daily. For this, the pet should be given a daily bath with the water containing soap. For the ones who are not able to make their pets shower daily; then always make them a bath at least twice a week.  This bathing with water help to kill and remove the fleas.
  • Use of Nematodes – This is another thing used for Flea Pest Control. The method is related to the use of Nematodes that are the organisms that feed on other insects, parasites and then kill them. Thus, this also feeds on the fleas;  For this they are spread in the house and as soon as they come in contact with the host they feed and kill them.
  • Use of Apple Cider Vinegar – This is one of the eco-friendly methods for the flea pest control.   This liquid is acidic thus, help in the killing of the fleas. To use it one can dip cotton in the liquids and then, use this cotton across the face to prevent the fleas.  For this, you may use a half teaspoon of the liquid in the water.
  • Use of Lemon Juice – In this method, you can cut the lemon into pieces, then place the lemon pieces in the boiling water. After that one can use this liquid and spray on their pet animal. Then, the fleas which are present in the skin or hairs of the animal get killed. This is one of the cheap methods suggested by Flea Pest Control services.
  • Use of Vacuum Machines – The flea pest control services were best when one had to opt for vacuuming.  As they provide professional vacuum cleaning to control the fleas. Thus, these vacuum machines collect the insects and the help in cleaning the carpet and floor effectively. Moreover clean your house and prevent fleas from entering in the house.
Professional Flea Control
Professional Flea Control

The information provided will help you to know that how one can get Real Pest Control over fleas. For the ones who want to have complete removal of fleas by professional methods then can opt for Flea Pest Control services.

The phrase ‘pest control’ includes a count of different kinds of animal infestation and disruption. You will find these pests and vermins in charter assets at any stage throughout a tenancy. But the question is who is liable for having pest control?

Pests May Subsume:

  • Bees and wasps
  • Insects
  • Spiders
  • White Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Rodents and Mice
  • Snakes and possums
Pest Control
Pest Control

Not all but you might find most of these pests and vermins in charter assets at some point throughout your agreement. Under various cities across Australia, the law associating to pest control is not cleared and is usually accessible to criticism, for instance:

  • A renter is liable for maintaining the asset fair
  • The landlord is liable for keeping the asset in a secure position of replacement, right for a renter to stay.

It’s similarly important heeding that various social gatherings across Australia require fitness and protection ordinances for private asset masters to vouch for Pest Control on a yearly foundation for pests and vermin, particularly cockroaches.

As a common law, yet, any disruption or infestation of pests including rodents, rats, possums, cockroaches, termites, pismires, spiders, wasps or bees lacking inspection by a pest control worker is the duty of the owner/property handler.

Your Liabilities as a Renter

Commonly, as a renter, you are liable for Pest Infestations including insects provoked by your pets. Bar of pests by conventional area of food, and by applying sprays and baits. After you make your asset situation report, you should further examine the assumptions for sanitation and preservation concerns, subsume bug pests. When you left an asset, it is a state of your tenancy approval to vouch for insect treatment control.

Your Duties as a Landlord

Usually, as a landlord, you are liable for pest and vermin control (including mice, rodents and termites). The exemption is that the appearance of the pest was made by your renter’s bad stewardship or shortage of sanitation.

And if your renter has not done placing of effaceable trash or has been engaging exercises which strengthen the confrontation of pests, as a landlord you can claim that it is your renter’s duty.

If you’re a renter, and you’re worried about your protection, make your cares perceived to your asset master or business supervisor.

Pest Infestation Control
Pest Infestation Control

Hire Professionals

At Real Pest Control We provide the Rental Pest Control and best pest treatments so you can relieve yourself from those unwanted irritating visitors including rats, rodents, insects, Spiders Pest Control etc. We work 24/7 and use safe and reliable appliances for you. We deliver End of lease Pest Control Service and end of lease fumigation. book us once and get rid of pests for years. You will get our Professional Pest Control Services at a really affordable cost. Call us on 08 7100 9063 today!

Going through house fly infestationat home and constantly thinking about how to get rid of them. Houseflies are a nuisance and irritating for us and can hamper our personal comfort and space. Worldwide houseflies are known for carrying dangerous pathogens and can spread various diseases. Take care of your family’s health by making sure that you follow required house flies control methods and get rid of house fly infestation at home. Professional pest control services can exterminate house flies infestationand take care of flies removal easily, in the meantime you can follow this small guide provided by use for house flies pest control.

House Flies Pest Control

House Flies Pest Control

Get Rid of House Flies At Home:1. Cleanliness and Tidiness

By following perfect cleanliness and tidiness measure we can drastically control house flies infestation. Clean your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms regularly by using vacuum cleaners as well ass commercial floor cleaners. Don’t let any food source lay in open and avoid storing fruits and veggies in the kitchen tables. Use the refrigerator to store food and fruits and use special containers to tightly seal and store the food. Clean your dining table and kitchen after preparing and having a meal. Make sure no food crumbs are laying anywhere in your homes. Proper cleaning is an excellent way of house flies control.Cleanliness and tidiness is our front line defence for any kind of pest infestation.

2. Natural Fly Repellents and killers

Fies pest control can be carried us by using different essential oils and natural oils. These oils have natural fly repellant properties that will keep houseflies away. Lavender oil, tea tree oil, clove oil and olive can be used for house flies control. Add some amount of these oils to your house cleaning procedure, add them in floor cleaners, washing machines and kitchen basin and dishwashers. You should also spray this solution all around your home to keep housefliesaway.

3. Electronic Swatter and Insecticides.

For house flies control, you should buy an electronic swatter. This swatter is used to terminate flies, insects and bugs individually. Use this to terminate any fly you see roaming around and get rid of dead flies as soon as you can. There are a lot of safe and commercial insecticides available in the market. Use any kind of insecticide for the fly to eradicate house flies infestation and prevent further occurring of the infestation.

Flies Pest Control

Flies Pest Control

Professional  Assistance:

Real pest control Australia is one the best and leading brand providing its customers with professional pest control services. Our services include house fly removal as well and our team of experienced pest controllers will deliver guaranteed results and complete eradication of house flies within 24 hours.